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Occurrence, sources and spatial distribution of n-alkanes in surface soils from th.. Zhan, Shuie 1
How can UAV contribute in satellite-based Phragmites australis aboveground biomass.. Lu, Lirong 1
Fusing satellite-based surface soil moisture products over a typical region with c.. Li, Liuyang 1
Exploring the pivotal response relationship between landscape composition-configur.. Wang, Ya'nan 1
Natural and anthropogenic effects on the elemental compositions of surficial sedim.. Zhang, Wenfang 1
Spatiotemporal differences in pond evolution under different regional development .. Chen, Xi 1
Different environmental factors drive the concentrations of microcystin in particu.. Xue, Qingju 1
Monitoring global reservoirs using ICESat-2: Assessment on spatial coverage and ap.. Chen, Tan 1
Intensive human impacts drive the declines in heterogeneity of diatom communities .. Xu, Min 1
Urban scale ventilation analysis based on neighborhood normalized current model Xie, Peng 1
Remote sensing of total suspended matter concentration in lakes across China using.. Wen, Zhidan 1
Phytoplankton community composition, carbon sequestration, and associated regulato.. Jia, Junjie 1
NosZI microbial community determined the potential of denitrification and nitrous .. Guo, Zixu 1
Vertical distribution and influencing factors of deep soil organic carbon in a typ.. Yang, Shunhua 1
Spatio-temporal characteristics and determinants of anthropogenic nitrogen and pho.. Xu, Guoyu 1
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量
全部 所外 国外
文章名称 第一作者 下载量